Logging with cachetur.no

When your trip is over, you now can log your findings while at the computer back home. In order to have logs to submit, you have to let cachetur know which caches you found, when you found them and also which caches you didn’t find. For best result, you should be specific about which trip the finds are assigned. There are 3 possible ways of getting a lot of logs into your backlog:

Sometimes you might get an extra cache on your trip. In order to add this to your trip, you find Add bonus log under the menu Logs:

By making sure you have the right time and date, along with the GCCode, cachetur will place the log in the correct spot in your backlog.

Once you have the logs in your trip, it is time to create a template for this specific trip. Once again you go to the menu Logs, and find Log templates:

To create a template for this trip, you might either start to create the template from the beginning (1), or you might use a global template (2) as the foundation for your template. The template you create inside a trip or a subtrip are just used in that trip, so you will have to create a new template for each of the trips you are logging.

If you create a brand new template, you will have to write everything from the beginning. If you have used a global template as the base, you might just edit the things that are new for this trip.

You have to give the template a name (1). And then you just add the text you want to have with all your logs (2). You may write in markdown, or use the help under the text-field. Also for smileys. You might go back and edit this text all the way til publishing the logs if something are subject to a change. There are a few tags that you may use, that insert text in your log, these are explained in this window as well.

You might wanna have a different template for attended logs to events, and for DNF logs. Just edit the text-field for that log-type. You may also have a different template for write-notes, all inside the same template-window.

If you have a Travel Bug you want to visit every cache, you might add that one in the TB visit-field (1). You are not to use the Tracking Code, but the official TB-code. Cachetur.no will not let you drop or retrieve Travel Bugs, as that should be done in the field. You may click on the backpack besides the field in order to get your Inventory of trackables, and click the one(s) you are having visiting the caches. You may enter your own default text for TB-visits inside the Log settings in your Backlogg.

Then it is just to save the template (2), and then go ahead and apply them to the logs.

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