Send Field Notes Macro



This script is still in a test phase, all use is at your own risk, expect errors

If you try to "update" the fieldnotes by re-uploading them, you only double them in the post-trip assistant, and they can only be removed manualy by the system administrator (this can take time)

Field notes uploaded from a geocache_visits.txt file need to be saved with UTF-8 encoding 

This macro is a part of the cachetur macro package, and it allows you to send caches from Publish Logs in GSAK to the Post-tripp assistant at

Download the macro here:

Uploaded fieldnotes may then be used with the Trip log function on

 Seq from: and Seq to refers to sequence number our logs get in the publishing logs function of GSAK

In my case, I want to send the sequences as specified


Note. If you log your caches out of order and there are caches in between these sequences that do not belong to the trip, you should divide the sequences, as sending them to can not be undone and the field notes can not be edited on cachetur

Also, any notes you have added to your GPSr device will also be transfered, if you do not remove these in GSAK publish logs

 The OK message we get when our logs have been transfered

In our trip we now open the   and our Field notes appear on the bottom of the page

And we get the extra section header Statistics