Recommended use of trips

Trip types/creation

Day trip(simple)Complex day trip (different stages)Trip over several days
Few waypoints / short distanceUse an ordinary trip, with suitable trip typeConsider the need to create Subtrips, with one Subtrip per trip typeConsider creating Subtrips, preferably one Subtrip per day
Many waypointsUse headers to group caches, if necessary

Create Subtrips, use the correct trip type on each Subtrip

Consider creating Subtrips, preferably one Subtrip per day


GeneralAlone on a tripSeveral cachers on a trip
Before the trip
  • Use Groups to automatically invite people, or invite participants manually
  • Use comments to discuss things like accommodation, transportation etc.
  • Consider the need to create Lists, to for example collaborate on solving mysteries
  • Suggest dates, if the trip date is not determined
  • Assign privileges to trip participants who shall contribute
During the trip

  • Register costs along the way

After the trip

  • Register costs, and allocate expenses