Description in print

Many times, it may be useful to include all or parts of the description of a cache in printouts from Especially for earthcaches, virtual, letterbox hybrid and multies. Sometimes you want to add additional information as well.

This can be done using the "Description in Print" function.

Add description

To add all or part of the description, click "Description in Print" in the waypoint menu.

There you can either type in the info you want, or you can copy the full cache description, and make necessary changes (such as removing things you do not need, add translations, etc.).

Press the "Copy Description from Cache" button if you want to copy the cache description. When done, save with the "Save" button.

Waypoints that have description registered will get this little icon in list: 

Include the descriptions in print

For the descriptions to end upin the print, enable the "Print Descriptions" option in the print dialog.