Create a new trip

To create a new trip, we go to the menu bar, select trips and "create new trip"

And the create new trip page opens up

Tip: If you are planning a trip that last for several days, or goes through multiple countries/counties/states create Subtrips

We hope that everything is self explanatory,

  • But every trip needs a name.
  • The trip type is needed for route calculations, and destination to show up in the right area (if the trip is set as public).
  • Every trip needs a start and end time, to be displayed in the calendar (if the times haven't been decided yet, check the box between destination and start, to make the trip a draft.
    (if you put todays date as start and end, and have the trip set as draft, plan for a month and then uncheck the draft box, because you're ready without first changing the date, sees an "old" date and automaticaly marks the trip as ended and puts it in your ended trips folder. You can change the date within a week. After that you can clone the trip into a new one or send a support ticket. The 2nd line support can "revive" the trip.
  • The time zone is automatically adjusted according to the start and end points of your trip.
  • You might want to give the trip a nice description (especially if it's a public trip, where you want fellow cachers to join you, let them read about your plans)
  • Participants is a field where you can set a maximum number of "spots" on the trip for various reasons
  • Visibility, group connections and sub trips are also explained nicely on the page

In the waypoint section we can "manually" add waypoints by putting the gc code as the waypoint name.

Once we start to type GC... will know that the waypoint type is a geocache and will retrieve all necessary data from

We can also add several other "POIs" where we have to enter the coordinates manually. 

By selecting the "Add list of GC-codes" button we may also bulk load caches

We can set a priority (to help route calculation)

We can use the toggle sorting tool and manually move the order of the caches.

And when we are done we press "Save trip" 

And then we are sent to the trips "main page"

If we didn't add any caches in the waypoints section we have some options in the "Edit trip" menu to import from PQ's and bookmark lists (note: We recommend max 1000 caches per trip, but the optimal number is much lower than that. Should you have more than 2-300 you should split them into subtrips).

We also have a GSAK macro and the Cachetur Assistant to help us add caches to a trip