Cost sharing when a trip is completed

When you are on longer cache trips, it often happens that there are costs to be shared between several participants

All trips that have started or ended have a button like this:

Click on it to proceed to the Cost sharing page for the trip.

Here you will also find a separate comments box, that may be used to say when you have paid your share.
To add a cost, click "Register new expence" and fill out the form that appears.

Sometimes costs should be divided unevenly, eg. because one party in the trip is a couple where one of them is going to pay for both, or because someone has only participated in half of the trip. This is solved by adjusting the distribution.Once all costs are registered, cachetur will calculate what people is owed or owe. Finally, cachetur will suggest how it can be optimized.

As you can see this function right now indicates the amounts in NOK regardless of input, but no exchange rate is calculated so the numbers adds up...

To see how wich share is calculated for each cost, simply click on the cost in the list. Then you will get an overview like the one you see below.