We also have a Facebook user forum https://www.facebook.com/groups/cachetur.no.english/

Authenticate against geocaching.com

Why must I authenticate again?

If you change your password on geocaching.com, you'll have to reauthenticate all API-based applications.

The same applies if you manually withdraw access to an application.

And you also have to reauthenticate every 90. days.

I authenticated as my partners/my "PQ" geocaching user, how can i switch to my "real" user?

Believe it or not, this is a common problem. People forgot that they were logged in with a different account. So we have made it easy to fix 

Ensure you are logged in as the correct user on geocaching.com
Navigate to your profile:  https://cachetur.no/profil 
Click on Fetch new
This will take you through the authorization process again. The new account will replace the old.

How do I delete a trip?

Trips can't be deleted, but they can be canceled (trough the "edit trip menu")

How do I remove an old/ended trip from the dashboard?

Old/ended trips will dissapear from the dashboard 1 week after the trip has ended.

Email notifications

How often do I get information about changes in a cache in my trip?

Generation of notifications are done once every hour, but cachetur.no need to know about the changes, before the notification is sendt.

Caches are read anew every 12th Hour for upcoming trips, and every 24th Hour for trip templates


Why do some pages have BETA in the headline?

Some functions are not fully developed or tested, but they are still available for cachers to test and give feedback. These functions are marked BETA.

What is the maximum number of caches you recommend to have per trip?

(To prevent the page from overloading)

We recommend max 1000, but the optimal number is much lower than that. Should you have more than 2-300 you should split them into Subtrips


What is groups?

It is a feature that will make it easier for groups who often plan trips together. Each group has its own group dashboard, where you get an overview of all group trips and can discuss trips you have not yet begun to plan.

To make it easier, all members of the group will automatically access all group trips without the need for invitations (such as private trips).

Why can't i create new groups?

To be able to create groups,For å få automatisk tilgang til å opprette grupper, you must have had a certain activity on cachetur.no.
If you don't have privileges, let us know.

About groups


Why do i get a message saying something went wrong during calculation?

Routecalculations is done based on maps, and roads/paths on the map. If you have caches/waypoints in your trip to far from a routeable road, that fits your triptype, the route calculator can't create a route.

Trip template

How can i get a tracks in my trip template?

Tracks can only be added by an administrator. To add tracks you need to send your GPX-file containing the tracks to: sporlogg@cachetur.no

My trip template was marked as drafted even though I did not choose it why?

Trip templates that do not contain waypoints are automatically marked as drafts.

Why is my trip template deactivated?

Trip templates need to maintain a minimum standard. For starters, they need to contain waypoints.

Trip templates that don't have any value (no waypoints), or share spoilers, corrected coordinates etc., will be disabled.

More on trip templates


Why do i get parts of the cache description when i print a trip?

The trip owner can decide if the complete- or only parts of the- description is to be printed.
This can be used on Earthcaches and virtuals, to get the tasks/ALR or on letterboxes to get the hints.

If you don't wan't these, you can deactiate the option "Print descriptions" in the print dialog

Weather forecast

I want a weather forecast in my trip, how do I can I do that?

To recieve weather forecasts in a trip, the destination must be in our weather database (if it is it will show up as a suggestion, when you start to type in the trip destination .)

We curently support about 11 000 places in Norway.

Can't find your destination there, and you still want to get the weather forecast, you can post a wish by contacting us.
Inform us about the location and a link to the weather forecast on yr.no.


Will my corrected coordinates be visible to all?

When you correct coordinates, they will only be visible to you.
For them to be visible to others, the trip need to be private, and they will then be visible to all invited.

I have given several participants editing privileges on my trip, how can i see who edited what?

Try to add /logg to the trip URL (eg https://cachetur.no/fellestur/XXX/logg)

If I have entered corrected coordinates on the GC web site do I also have to enter them in the field provided when entering a Waypoint?

To import corrected coordinates from geocaching.com to a trip, choose "Edit trip" and then "Import corrected coordinates".

Which coordinat format's do cachetur.no support?

All coordinates are specified in the WGS84 date.

Supported formats are:

  • Decimal degrees: 59.698077, 7.815134 (negative values for south and west)
  • Decimal degrees: N59.698077, E7.815134
  • Degrees and decimal minutes: N59 41,885 E7 48,908
  • Degrees and decimal minutes: N59 ° 41,885 'E7 ° 48,908'
  • Degrees, minutes and decimal seconds: N59 ° 41 '53.08 "E7 ° 48' 54.48"
  • Degrees, minutes and seconds: N59 ° 41 '53 "E7 ° 48' 54"

How old are the cache data?

From the first time you load a cache, it may take up to two minutes for it to load.
For all upcoming trips, cache is data is usually not older than 9 hours, for trips marked as draft they are usually no older than 27 hours and for trip suggestions they are no older than 72 hours. Cachetur.no will reduce the reading interval if you have many caches scheduled, you can see your calculated reading interval on your profile page.