How we use the API is an official Geocaching API Partner, which means that we are authorized to use the API.

To use, you will have to authorize to access your profile.
This authorization is what give us access to the API (the same as for all other API partner apps). is built with the Privacy First principle in mind, and we do not fetch more data than we need from the API.
In fact, you will have to explicitly enable features, before we will fetch certain data.

Data we fetch

We fetch your basic profile information, both to be able to determine what you are able to access (premium vs non-premium) and to personalize your experience (profile photo and location).

We also fetch found it and will attend logs, to be able to show the correct status in trips and lists.

Some information is fetched on demand, like when you import lists, pocket queries or corrected coordinates.

You can also activate automatic fetch of the following:

  • Personal cache notes (enable through your user settings)
  • friends (enable through your user settings)

Geocache data, and how you can control it

We use a lot of parameters when we decide which caches we should refresh or not.

New caches (not in our database) and old caches (in our database) that has recently been added to a trip, will always be refreshed as fast as possible.

Older caches are refreshed based on the status of the trip (active, upcoming, draft), the time since visit, total number of caches in your trips/lists, general site load and some other factors.

You can also switch off automatic refresh of caches in your trips/lists, which will make use less of your quota. This can be done on a per-trip/list basis.

Simply navigate to Edit trip → Settings and disable automatic refresh.

You should also cancel old draft trips you no longer need, and archive old lists you don't need any longer. This will also help ensure that your current trips stay up to date.

Viewing your current remaining quota

You can view the current remaining quota on your profile page.

The API has no method to view the usage, so this is unfortunately all we have to show you. We do not have the resources to track all API calls and their results (not all calls are successful).