Large trips is a trip planner, and is best suited for trips of a certain size.

We reccomend that you use subtrips to splitt the trip into day stages, or other natural subdivisions.

Why is larege trips problematic? is very different from other list based tools, we do a lot more with one waypoint (and thereby also a cache).

For every single waypoint/cache will do the following:

  • Checks status (incl. Analysis of latest logs, attributes, status, child waypoints etc)
  • Checks distance from the intended route and notifies if necessary
  • Estimates stop time and arrival time
  • Shows all available data (incl. Custom data, as waypoint images and comments)
  • Summarizes and calculates regional statistics, sectors for sector challenges, D/T, the month it was hidden etc.
  • Checks time zones and time zone changes
  • Checks and indicates found status for all participants
  • Priority

This is completely hassle-free for trips of up to a few hundred waypoints, but can simply be too much for the browser on larger trips.

In addition, large trips will be difficult to handle in the app.

What should I do?

First of all - do not import large quantities of caches to aimlessly!

If you have too many caches in your trip, you should split it up. Eg. using the waypoints quick edit tool.