Printout of a trip

Many of us have probably seen pictures on facebook and blogs of a cachetur printout
titi89 logs France's oldest cache

Printing is quite easy, on the trip page just press the Print button

In the next window we choose the options we wish to be included in the print, here we can experiment a little with the options, to see what's best for us, since pressing the blue print button at the bottom will open a print preview window

When we have found the correct print template for us, we click the grey print button on the top right.

Sections in the printout

1 The description you have written for the trip

2 "Check boxes" where you can easily mark your finds, dnf's etc

3 Attributes

4 Hint

5 Sun up and down

6 Cache name, gckode and type / icon

7 Cache size and D / T

8 Cache # 1 of xx on this trip

9 Name of Cache owner

10 Cache hidden date, and date of last log

11 Coordinates and county / municipality

12 Displays the last 10 log types on the cache

13 Indicates favorite points and  (uniqueness factor) is a factor originally used internally in the "Auto Priority"-tool. is a single-developer-project, and It was added the display of that factor temporarily, so Thomfre could keep an eye on it. It kinda just stuck around.
The higher the number, the higher is the probability that this is a cache that will stick out from the masses. It's based on cache type, cache size, favorite points etc. Cache altitude

14 Distance from the cache as the crow flies allong the road, Time from the last cache, and estimated stop time in minutes are shown in parentheses