If you are out in the fields with a dedicated GPS, you mark your findings on this device. Now it is time to turn those into logs on

First; if there are several trips in your gps, and you want to make sure that your trip report gets accurate, you need to edit your geocache_visits.txt in order to have just the findings for the trip in the file. You find this file on your gps under X:/garmin/ and you may copy that content over to a new .txt-file for this job.

As soon as you have a geocache_visits.txt you want to send to the trip, you find Field notes and then Upload:

Now you can verify that you are uploeding to the correct trip (1), and find your geocache_visits.txt on your computer (2). If you want to have the seconds in your upload as well, you need to uploed the geocache_logs.xml (3) as well. This is not required. will try to find the correct time zone for your logs based on the location of the cache.

If you are sure that this is the correct file, you may Send copy to logging tool (4) when you are doing the Import (5).

In the Post-trip Assistant, you now have Field notes from the trip. If you did send the copy to logging, you also find your log there. If you did not send them right away, you need to send the field notes to the logging tool by using Field notes → Send to the logging tool:

On this page, you may choose the field notes that you are sending to the logging tool. If there are loggs already for some of the field notes, those will nor be possible to mark, and has the text Converted instead.

Now, on to the logging.