Global templates

If you have some text or some numbers that you always use in all your logs, the best way to ensure you get them correct is to create a global template that contains all of those lines you want to have. You will also avoid having to write it all several times, as you may build your trip specific template upon a global template. And having a global template is nice in order to have templates to use for those single finds that you do not have a trip for.

To create a global template, you go to Trips and templates and find Global log templates:

Create a New template:

You need to be sure that you give the global templates an unique name (1), as the template are going to be visible in menues on all trips and caches. Then you add the text you want to have for the Found it-logs (2). If you want a different template for Attendeed-logs, you have to enter this in (3). And use (4) for DNF-logs and (5) for templates on Write notes.

You may use some tags that will be replaced with text in your logs:

  • {SpecificLogContent} Will be replaced with the content of the cache specific log - if you don't include this in your template, the cache specific log will be appended to the bottom of the template text

  • {LogTime24} Will be replaced with log time in 24H format

  • {LogTime12} Will be replaced with log time in 12H format

  • {MyFindNumber} Will be replaced with your find number

  • {FindNumberInTrip} Will be replaced with find number in trip

  • {TotalFindsInTrip} Will be replaced with total number of finds in the trip

  • {FoundWith} Will be replaced with the trip participants

  • {CacheEvent} Will be replaced with event for events and cache for all other cache types

  • {} Will be replaced with Logged from

If you have Travel bugs you want to add to your logs, you will have to either write the public TB-number (not the Trackable Code) in the field (1), or press the backpack beside the field to choose from your Inventory. You may not use any trackable that is not in your Inventory.

After pressing Save (2) your template is ready. You may go back and edit it if needed, and you may create different global templates if needed.

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