Publish your logs

In order for to publish your logs, you need to change the status from DRAFT to PUBLISH in the Backlogg. You find the Backlogg by either the menu on top of the logs:

Or by clicking on your username in the top right corner, and find Backlogg there:

In this list, you now mark your first log by clicking on the checkbox (1). Then hold SHIFT on the keyboard, and click on the checkbox on the last cache (2):

Then chenge from Draft to publish (3) and Set status. Now you have a new button in the upper left area. A green one saying Start publishing. And your logs will now have In queue in front of them:

By clicking Start publishing, will start to publish your logs. You will recieve a notification in the top left area if you stay on the site. But you may very well start to plan your next trip already now…