GPX import


This function works by retrieving GC-Codes from the GPX, and then fetch the geocache data through the geocaching API.

That means that all waypoints in the GPX file without a valid GC-Code will fail to be imported

Sometimes it might be necessary to import waypoints from a GPX file.

Please note that the total number of waypoints that can be imported via GPX is 300 (though we would strongly encourage you to keep the number far lower than that!).

Open your trip and click on "Edit" in the menu bar. Than choose "Import from GPX" in the submenu

Next you have to click on "Choose File", go to the path where your GPX file is located and open it. Back to the cachetur screen you see the name of the selected file behind the "Choose File" button. Click on "Import".

If your import was successful, a green bar appears above your trip and shows you how many waypoints were imported.

If your file contains more than 300 waypoints only 300 waypoints will be imported. If you are planning a trip with a high number of waypoints, it is advisable to work with subtrips. supports importing GPX files that follow the GPX standard.