Download GPX files for the trip

This feature is available only for active trips.

It is not possible to Download or Export trip data for Draft or Ended trips.

Cachetur can create a GPX file of waypoints that you can download (and e.g., transfer to a GPSr).

  • Navigate to the Download/Export menu tab
  • Select "Create Trip Package"
  • Choose your preferred export from the list

(Waypoints contains all waypoints in your trip and corresponding information. Route points contains only coordinates of the route.)

All GPX files follow GPX standards.

  • "Garmin driving route (.gpx)" - Upload this file to the "/Garmin/GPX" folder of a newer Garmin Automotive unit such as the Garmin DriveAssist.
  • "Route points (.gpx)" - Use with the PQ maker on to create a PQ of all caches along your route. This file is not intended to be used on any GPSr devices..

When you order a trip package, it will be available for download on your download page. Access this page from the drop-down menu under your user name.