Calculation of ETA can help you calculate the estimated arrival time for every waypoint if you want. To activate this, you simply need to let know when you expect to arrive at the first waypoint (or at least the first waypoint you want to start ETA calculation at).

Specify ETA / override ETA calculation

To specify the start time, or override calculation for any waypoint in the trip, simply open the quick edit box, and input the value in the ETA override field.

Make sure you use the format hh:mm or hhmm (24 hour clock, the ETA itself will be displayed in your given time format).

If you override the ETA anywhere in the list, will continue the calculation based on the override from that point, ignoring the previous waypoints.

How we calculate ETA

We take the first (or last) time specified by you, and add the calculated driving/walking/bike time and the estimated stop time (or your stop time override).

View ETA directly in list

When activated, you should see the calculated ETA directly in the waypoint list.

In the example above, the first time displayed is the time that's been manually set. That's why it has a different icon, and bold text.

The background will change when the trip extends into the next day.

Time zones

We take time zones into consideration too, and the time displayed is always the local time for the waypoint.

Time zone changes are indicated with a Tardis icon, and the number of hours (negative when you're moving back in time).

ETA on printouts

ETA will be shown on the printouts, as long as you use the default template.