Optimize route between caches

Cachetur uses GraphHopper to determine the best order to find caches. The tool will optimize up to 80 waypoints at a time using streets and trails available through OpenStreetMap (OSM) and only requires the user to identify the waypoints to be sorted, where to start, and where to end.

After adding your caches and other coordinate-based waypoints to the trip, find the route optimizer in " Waypoints "-->" Sort/prioritize waypoints." (Note that this menu only exists while viewing a trip.)

Select waypoints

"Mark" the waypoints to be optimized by selecting the "Mark" button on the right side. To quickly select all waypoints, click  .


In the list of selected waypoints, the first waypoint will be the start, and the last waypoint will be the end. The tool will sort the remaining waypoints while respecting the start and end points. You can manually change the start and end points by moving their location in the list of selected waypoints. For more information on sorting waypoints, please see Sorting waypoints.

Optimize route

After selecting the waypoints to sort, scroll down to "Automatic sorting" and press to sort the waypoints. 

If the button is not active, confirm that the number of waypoints does not exceed 80; change selections as necessary to adjust the number of waypoints.

Confirm sorting and save

After a few seconds (yes, this route calculation is fast), a confirmation and map will appear with the optimized sort order.

Review the route to ensure it makes sense. If any manual changes should be made, do so in the list above by Sorting waypoints. When you are happy with your sort order, make sure to click to lock-in and store the new sort order. After clicking, you will be returned to your trip.