Trip Assistant (app)

The Trip Assistant is a mobile application that works on Android and iOS. It is an offline companion to, allowing users to access their planned trips on their mobile devices. 

Come back soon for more information on using the app. This page will be updated frequently.

  • Checklists

    The trip assistant offers a number of checklists relevant to a trip. Like trips, you can download standard checklists that you find relevant. Several of the checklists have two version: a one use one and a savable one so you can later look at what you entered. The checklists are keyed to the general workflow of a trip.

  • Checkpoints

    You might have some trips where there's places you need to be at certain times. Maybe you plan to attend an event, you have a ferry to catch etc. In cases like these, it will be more useful to know the estimated arrival at this location, instead of at the last waypoint (unless they are the same).

    To get the app to tell you this, you can set the waypoint as a checkpoint. Press the three dots, and then Set as checkpoint.

  • Download, refresh or delete trips

    Initially, you will see that you have No trips. Tap “Download Trips” and you will get a list of all available trips you have planned on the web site. To download a trip, tap the down arrow in the cloud icon. It will change to a check mark after the trip is downloaded. You can download more trips or go directly to any trip you have already downloaded by tapping the entry.

  • Events

    A list of upcoming nearby events. Note: you need to be online for this to work.

  • Friends

    If any of your friends have also found the cache, a Friends icon will appear along with the usual Map, Open and Notes. The Friends action will show you a list of all of your friends who have logged it and if yoiu tap their name, will open to their log.

  • Notes

    When viewing the trip itself, you can select Notes from the … action menu and add a Note for later when you run the Post Trip Assistant. The note can be General, Task Answer or Deviation reflecting something different than expected.These notes support uploading a picture to accompany them along with your note text.

  • Route Map

    From the Trip page, the … menu offers “Show Map”. This will provide a map with caches in the route and if you have enabled location, you will see a marker of where you are on the map. Once enabled, you have a menu option to toggle “follow location”. With “follow” on, you can see your progress along the route. Tapping a cache icon will show it’s name and a tap on the name field will open it in your default caching app.

  • RV sites in app

    This will show you nearby RV sites in app if there are any in the database near you.

  • Sunrise & Sunset

    You may want to know when first light appears at your location or when the Golden Hour is if you are a photographer or just when night arrives so you can go night caching. This has it all.

    This feature is fully offline. Any experienced slowness is caused by the internal GPS not being ready when the app asks for the current location.

  • Trip Assistant (the app)


    The trip assistant is an app (Android and iOS) that helps you execute a trip you have planned on the website. It is NOT a geocaching app nor is it where you do your trip planning and modification -- that is done on the web site: The mantra is “Plan the trip on the web site, execute the trip with the Trip Assistant app

  • Trip Basics

    A trip screen shows you all the caches and non-cache way points in the same order as your trip as planned on If you have established ETAs on the web site, those will show here.

    To get started, tap the first entry in your trip to see a detail screen for that entry. In this case, it is lodging so just tap Departed when you leave. This will recompute ETAs for the rest of the day.

  • Trip ETA can compute ETA for each cache in your trip based on a starting time you designate. Those times will show up when you download the trip into the Trip Assistant. As you progress through your trip and enter Arrived and/or Departed times for each way point, the ETA for the remaining way points will be computed and a message at the bottom of the screen will tell you if you are ahead of schedule, behind schedule or about on time. There is an option to speak the schedule status that you can turn on.