My finds is indicated wrong

If your or others found caches are not marked as found in trips, lists etc, there may be several reasons. fetches found it loggs from the API, and here are som things to keep in mind:

  • The API is not intended for this, it is not a simple feature to retrieve all logs
  • If you have a lot of deleted logs, this complicates this retrieval (and may hinder from accessing all your logs)
  • If you do not log in chronological order things get complicate, and may hinder from accessing all your logs.
  • Logs can only be retrieved as long as you have an active and authenticated user account at, if your access token expires, the collection stops (all participants in a trip must be authenticated to show the found it results correctly)

If your logs have been unsynchronized, you can submit a contact request and we'll restart the retrieval process for you.