RV sites

On the RV page you will find campsites that are suitable for parking overnight when you are traveling with the RV. It can be anything from campsites to small spaces besides the road. All RV sites are registered by cachetur.no users.

You can zoom in on the overview map to see where RV sites are registered. You can also bring up the list of the RV sites you have registered yourself, or start the registration of a new RV site from here.

The spaces are divided into two main types: Organized site and Free camping (explained further down), and they each have their own icon on the map:

The organized sites have the symbol with a bed, while the free camping sites have the symbol with a P.

Each RV site has its own web-page where they are presented with a set of properties, a description (not always), a map and a comment field where you can share your own experience of the site.

Organized site

An organized space, as the name implies, is an organized site intended for accommodation. As a rule, against payment ...

It can be a full-fledged camping site that accepts RVs for short-term stays, or there may be places specifically designed for RVs and just that.

Free camping

Free camping are all suitable camping sites that are not organized. It can be parking spaces, picnic areas or other open spaces that are possible for an RV to get out of the road and park overnight.

In addition to the coordinates of the space, it is stated what kind of space this is (rest area / parking lot / other), an estimation on how many RVs there room for (when severel RVs ar travelling together), and whether it is possible to put up a tent on the site . In addition, there is a simple classification of the space quality (last resort / fair enough / great location).

Add a site to a trip

In order to add a space for a trip, you just need to select the tour from the list, possibly add a comment and then press the button to send it straight in as a waypoint into your trip.

You will find this tool right below the map on both types of RV sites.

Do you know a site that's missing?? You can register one yourself

If you are making a trip and are looking for a suitable RV site for that trip, there is a separate function for that.