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... is built with the Privacy First principle in mind, and we do not fetch more data than we need from the API.
In fact, you will have to explicitly enable features, before we will fetch certain data.

Shared quotas has to share the same quota as all other apps you use, which is currently 16 000 caches per 24 hours (starting from the first cache download).

This means that if you download 16000 caches in another API app (like GSAK), you won't be able to get new caches added to until your quota resets. will typically use anywhere from 0 to a couple thousand refreshes per day, for active users with many active trips/lists.

Remember that fetching a bookmark list will count towards your daily quota.

Data we fetch

We fetch your basic profile information, both to be able to determine what you are able to access (premium vs non-premium) and to personalize your experience (profile photo and location).